EUME Summer Academy
Mon 13 Sep 1999 – Sun 26 Sep 1999

Notions of Law and Order in Muslim Societies

AKMI Summer Academy

Fondation du Roi Abdul-Aziz Al Saoud in Casablanca, Marocco

Convenor: Prof. Dr. Gudrun Krämer (Freie Universität Berlin)

Please find here the schedule of the Summer Academy and the original call for applications.

Under the impact of profound structural and cultural change, notions of how the state and society should be organized so as to guarantee order, justice and legitimacy have been thoroughly revised in all parts of the world, including the Muslim world. The theory and practice of law, both "Islamic" and "secular", has been central to this process of revision, as have concepts of "good governance" more generally. Research projects analyzing legal theory, practice, sociology and anthropology on one hand, and political thought on the other were especially encouraged. Applications approached the subject from a historical or a contemporary perspective, and covered all geographical areas of the Muslim world.

This was not to suggest the existence of a homogeneous Muslim civilization irrespective of time and space whose unifying strands can be defined in terms of religion. On the contrary, the study of Islamic law and socio-political thought aimed at revealing their complexity, offering deeper insights into the phenomena of "modernity" and "modernization" which were of interest to scholars well beyond the fields of Islamic studies.

The following scholars participated in the Summer Academy:

Muriel Asseburg (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Ebenhausen), State-building in Palestine: The Development of another Authoritarian Arab System? Concepts and Determinants of Political Rule
Dr Kilian Bälz (Universität Frankfurt a.M.), European and Arab Private Law: Convergence and Divergence of Legal Cultures
Dr Vladimir Bobrovnikov (Institute for Oriental Studies, University of Moscow), Collective Farm as a Form of Islamic Order in the North Caucasian Highlands
Kathryn Coughlin (Georgetown University, Washington (DC)), Legal Efficacy and the Rule of Law: Marriage in Late Medieval Andalusian and Maghribi Maliki Law
Robert Crews (Princeton University), The House of Islam in a Christian Empire: Religion, Law, and the State in Imperial Russia
Ashk Dahlen(Uppsala University), The Nature and Meaning of the Shari'at in Shi'i Islam. Seven Pilosophical Perspectives in Modern Iran
Susanne Dahlgren (University of Helsinki), Women with too many Rights. Male-female Relations in pre- and post-unification Aden, Yemen
Dima Danawi (University of London), The Political Sociology of Hizbullah in Lebanon
Annette van Edig (Zentrum für Entwicklungsforschung, Bonn), Aspects of International and National Water Law in the Palestinian Territories
Ana Férnandez Félix (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, Madrid), Order and Religion in a Pre-modern Society: Punishment of Political and Religious Disorder in Andalusi Legal Thought
Satoe Horii (Universität Köln), On the Function of „legal devices“ (hiyal>s. hila) in the Development of the Classical Sunni Law of Islam
Stefan Knost (IFEAD / Institut Français d’etudes arabes de Damas/ Syrie), The „Sacred Space“ in Aleppo at the Beginning of the 19th Century
Dr Christian Müller (Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin), Islamic Economy ? Law and Economy in the Light of Máliki legal cases of the 4th/10th to the 9th/15th centuries in the Maghreb and al-Andalus
Johanna Pink (Universität Bonn), New Religious Communities in Egypt’s legal System (1924-1998)
Wael Rady (District Public Attorney, Boulak Abou El-Elah, Kairo), Islam, Public Order and Hisba in Egypt
Cyrus Schayegh (Columbia University, New York (NY)), Instilling a new Moral Order into a Newly-formed National Society: Central dispositifs in the Socio-cultural Self-identification and Nation-building Repertoire of the Emerging Iranian Modern Middle Class (First Half of the Twentieth Century)
Dr Dorothea Schulz (Freie Universität Berlin), Muslim Women, Electronic Media, and the Quest for Moral and Political Renewal in Mali
Yücel Terzibaoglu (Birkbeck College, University of London), Landlords, Migrants and Refugees: Struggles over Londownership Rights in the North-Western Anatolian Town of Ayvalik, 1877-1929
Valla Vakili (St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford), Law as a Discursive Resource in Twentieth Century Iranian Politics
Laila al-Zwaini (Universiteit Leiden), Legal Pluralism and the Authority of Law in Contemporary Yemen

Institutional Framework

The Working Group Modernity and Islam represented by the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin is a research network of Berlin universities and extra-university institutions committed to fostering a deeper understanding of Muslim cultures, their history, and social structures.

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