Sommersemester 2017

Summer Term 2017


Location: Forum Transregionale Studien, Wallotstraße 14, 14193 Berlin (if not indicated otherwise))
6 - 7.30 pm

19 Apr | 6 pm | Forum Transregionale Studien Berlin
»Words in/of Exile: Syrian Cultural Practices in Berlin«
Talal Derki(Film Director), Mohammad Attar (Playwright), Rasha Abbas (Writer)
Chair: Khaled Saghieh (Beirut, EUME Fellow 2016/17)

26 Apr | 6 pm | Forum Transregionale Studien Berlin
»Ḥukm al-Nās (The Rule of the People?): Conceptualising the Collective in Egypt around 1900«
Maha AbdelMegeed(EUME Fellow 2016/17)
Chair: Michael Allan (U of Oregon, EUME-CNMS Fellow of the AvH 2017-18)

10 May | 6 pm | Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
»Governing Culture, Producing Citizens? Dispossession, Erasure, and Art in Turkey«
Banu Karaca (Istanbul, EUME Fellow 2016/17)
Chair: Hilal Alkan (Istanbul, EUME Fellow 2016/17)
In cooperation with Berliner Institut für empirische Integrations- und Migrationsforschung (BIM)

Thu, 18 May | 7.30 pm | ICI Berlin
»What Makes a Man? Revisiting The German's Return To His Senses and The Queering of the World«
Rashid al-Daif (Beirut, Writer) & Joachim Helfer (Berlin, Writer)
Chair: Friederike Pannewick (Philipps-Universität Marburg, EUME)
This discussion is part of the event "What Makes a Man? Sexuality and Representation in Europe-Middle East Encounters", organized in cooperation with the ICI Berlin.

31 May | 6 pm | Centre Marc Bloch Berlin
»Beyond Tragedy and Betrayal: Towards an Intellectual History of the Arab Nahda«
Jens Hanssen (U of Toronto)
Chair: Leyla Dakhli (Centre Marc Bloch)

14 Jun | 6 pm | Forum Transregionale Studien Berlin
»Enduring Catastrophe? Palestinian Refugees in Syria between 1948 and the Nakba of Today«
Anaheed Al-Hardan (American University of Beirut, Visiting Fellow at BGSMCS)
Chair: Refqa Abu-Remaileh (Berlin, EUME Fellow 2016/17)

21 Jun | 7 pm | Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung
»In the Shadow of World Literature: Sites of Reading in Colonial Egypt«
Michael Allan (U of Oregon, EUME-CNMS Fellow of the AvH 2017-18)
Comment: Zaal Andronikashvili (Berlin, ZfL)
Chair: Georges Khalil (Forum Transregionale Studien, EUME)

05 Jul | 6 pm | Freie Universität Berlin
»Toward a Popular History of the Syrian Uprising: We Crossed a Bridge and it Trembled«
Wendy Pearlman (Northwestern University, EUME-CNMS Fellow of the AvH 2016-18)
Chair: Cilja Harders (FU Berlin, EUME)

12 Jul | 6 pm | Forum Transregionale Studien Berlin
»Reading Sayyid Qutb in Kemalist Turkey«
Halil Ibrahim Yenigün (Istanbul, EUME Fellow 2016/17)
Chair: Nora Lafi (ZMO, EUME)