EUME Summer Academy
Mon 03 Sep 2001 – Fri 14 Sep 2001

The Local Production of Islamic Knowledge

AKMI Summer Academy

Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul

Summer Academy of the “Arbeitskreis Moderne und Islam (AKMI)”

Convenors: Prof. Dr. Martin van Bruinessen (ISIM) and Prof. Dr. Altan Gokalp (Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin)

In cooperation with the Orient-Institut der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft, the Institut Français d’Etudes Anatoliennes, the Swedish Research Institute, and the Netherlands Historical-Archeological Institute in Istanbul.

Please find here the schedule of the Summer Academy and the original call for applications.

Islam has undergone a dual process of universalization and localization with its spread through conversion and migration to a large variety of societies and cultures. Its universal message was - and continues to be - adapted to the local needs of new environments and contexts. Divergent historical trajectories have meant that each region may have distinctive practices, discourses, and infrastructures. Accelerated rates of urbanization, expanded educational opportunities, and increased use of new media contribute significantly to altering the production of Islamic knowledge. Diasporic communities in the West as well as in predominantly Muslim countries, add to the complexity of the interplay between local and transnational contexts in which Islamic knowledge is produced.

The following scholars participated in the Summer Academy:

Bekim Agai (Ruhr-Universität Bochum), The Education-Network of Fethullah Gülen: The Flexible Implementation of Modern Islamic Thought. A Comparison of Three Countries
Hatsuki Aishima (Kyoto University), Intellectuals and Knowledge in Modern Egypt. The Case of ‘Abd al-Halim Mahmud
Olayemi Akinwumi (PhD University of Ilorin, Nigeria), Local Production of Islamic Knowledge in a Frontier Emirate: The Role of Islamic Clerics in Ilorin (Nigeria) in the Dispensation of Islamic Knowledge Since the Nineteenth Century
Aylin Akpinar (PhD Uppsala University), Islamic Revivalism in Turkey in Relation to European Religio-Political Search for Identity. A Cross-Gender and Cross-Generational Study
Elena Arigita Maza (University of Granada), Institutional Islam in Contemporary Egypt
Jackie Armijo-Hussein (PhD Stanford University), Islamic Education among Chinese Muslims: Recent Universal and Local Trends
Murteza Bedir (PhD Sakaryia University), Teaching Islamic Law in a “Secular” State
Welmoet Boender (ISIM, Leiden), The Role of the Imam in Turkish and Moroccan Mosque Communities in the Netherlands and Flanders
Leyla Inès Dakhli (Aix En-Provence), Syro-Lebanese Intellectuals between 1908 and 1946
Knut Graw (Catholic University of Leuven), Dream Interpretation as Mediation, Divination and Diagnosis – An Anthropology of the Practice, Meaning and Internal Logic of Dream Experience and Interpretation in Contemporary Islamic Contexts
Mohamed Kassim (York University), The Bravanese Ulama and the Islamic Intellectual Tradition of the Benadir Coast in the 19th and Early 20th centuries
Kai Kresse (SOAS, London), Approaching philosophical discourse in a Swahili cultural context: theory, knowledge, and intellectual practice in Old Town Mombasa, 1998-1999
Katharina Eugenie Lange (Universität Leipzig), Indigenization Tendencies in Arabic Anthropology
Ruth Mas (University of Toronto), Margins of Tawhid: Maghrebian Intellectuals and the Islamic Discourse of Plurality
Elise Massicard (Centre Marc Bloch), Tradition as a Resource. The case of Alevis in Turkey and Europe
Edouard Metenier (Paris IV, Sorbonne (z.Zt. IFEAD)), The Alusi Family of Baghdad from the End of the XVIIIth to the Beginning of the XXth Century: Their Emergence in the Religious Establishment, Rise to Urban Notable Status  and Engagement in the Arabic and Islamic Nahda
Naima A. Nefliacheva (PhD Adyghey State University), Islam in the politics of Russia in North-Western Caucasus in the 1860s of the XIX Century – Start of XX Century
Catharina van Nieuwkerk (PhD University of Amsterdam), Migrating Islam.Changes in Religious Discourse Among Moroccan Migrant Women in the Netherlands
Gusel Sabirova (Ulyanovsk State University), To be Muslim in Russia: Culture, Identity, Faith
Tsuyoshi Saito (Tokyo Metropolitan University), Social Networks and the Production of Islamic Knowledge in Moroccan Rural Society: Berbers in the Sous Region
Monika Salzbrunn (EHESS, University of Bielefeld), Hybridisation of Religions Practices Amongst West African Migrants in Europe
Anna J. Secor (PhD University of Kentucky), Migration, Gender and Islam in Istanbul
Miri Shefer (PhD Tel Aviv University), The “Ottomanisation” of Arab-Muslim Medicine: Reproduction of Local Medical Knowledge and Its Translation from Arabic to Ottoman in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Yoginder Singh Sikand (PhD University of London), Islamic Perspectives on Inter-Religious Dialogue in Contemporary India
Brian Silverstein (University of California, Berkeley), Mystic Speech in Modern Turkey: Voice and Text in the Practice of Islam

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