EUME Summer Academy
Mo 14 Jul 1997 – Do 24 Jul 1997

Processes and Counterprocesses of Modernisation

AKMI Summer Academy

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Convenor: Prof. Dr. Peter Heine (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

The Summer Academy “Processes and Counterprocesses of Modernisation” was held from 14 July to 24 July, 1997 under the direction of Professor Dr Peter Heine at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. 20 doctorands and post-doctorands were given in an interdisciplinary exchange with the humanities and social sciences an opportunity to present and discuss their research projects individually and in workshops. Leading scholars of different disciplines were present as tutors. Participants received a stipend covering their travel expenses and their stay in Berlin.

Please find here the schedule of the Summer Academy and the original call for applications.

Central developments within Muslim societies in the modern era were examined from the perspective of the humanities and social sciences. These processes include aspects such as the formation of states and social strata, economic relations and intellectual developments. The study of these phenomena was consciously transcended purely contemporary Middle East studies to include both the historical dimension of modernity and the non-Arabic Muslim world. This was not to suggest the existence of a homogeneous Muslim civilization irrespective of time and space whose unifying strands can be religiously defined. On the contrary, the study of Islam should aim at revealing its complexity. Simultaneously, contact to areas of research unrelated to Islam should be encouraged in order to facilitate the translation of approaches from European to Islamic contexts in the field of humanities and social sciences. Likewise, the study of the Muslim world could provide new insights for research fields other than Islamic studies.

The following scholars participated in the Summer Academy:

Hibba Abugideiri, Egyptian Women & The Science Question: Gender in the Making of Colonized Medicine, 1893-1919
Mujeeb Afzal, Islam and Democracy
Ejaz Akram, Islamic Revivalism in Pakistan: Maududi Fazalur Rahman
Adnan Aslan, Religion and Change: an Application to Islam
Myriam Catusse, Private Sector Moroccan Entrepreneurs Recombining Vehicle of the Public Space
Mathias Diederich, The New Self-Confidence of Indonesian Islam
Gilles Dorronsoro, Process and Counterprocess of Modernisation: The Case of the Taleban in Afghanistan
Salam Kawakibi, The Emigrated Media as a Vector of Modernism in the Fertile Cresent
Ursula Klaes, Female Shii Islamists in Lebanon
Gritt Maria Klinkhammer, Islam under the Conditions of Modernity: A Qualitative Analysis on Religiosity of Young Second Generation Sunnit Women in Germany
Pardis Minuchehr, The Homeland from Afar: Experiences of Iranians in Istanbul from June 1908-1909
Sylvia Naef, Shi'i - Shuyu'i ? The Arab Shia and the Fascination of Communism (1945-1979)
Rouzbeh Parsi, Modernisation and Secularisation: A Begriffsgeschichte for Turkey and Iran
Anas Saidi, The Development of Entrepreneurship of Muslims in the Philipinnes
Monika Salzbrunn, Globalisation and Localisation of Transformation Processes in Senegal through International Networks of Islamic Brotherhoods
Swee Sekhon, Re-Islamisation and the Construction of Gender and Identity in Malaysia
John Sfakianakis, Patron-Client Relationships and the Abaza Family: A Centre-Periphery Study
Kathrin Schneider, The Evolution of Labor Markets and Household Structures in Urban Morocco in the Process of Economic Modernization - A Feminist Institutionalist Perspective
Leslie Tramontini, Political Poetry in Iraq in the Early Twenties or: The Short Moment of Inner-Islamic Fraternization
Stefan Weber, Damascus on Its Way to Modernity

Institutional Framework

The Working Group Modernity and Islam represented by the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin is a research network of Berlin universities and extra-university institutions committed to fostering a deeper understanding of Muslim cultures, their history, and social structures. 

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