Wintersemester 2009/10

Wintersemester 2009/10

Wintersemester 2009/10

Language and Citizenship

Ort: Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, Villa Jaffé, Wallotstr. 10
18.00 - 19.30 h

14 Okt | Orientalizing the Jews
Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin
(Jerusalem; EUME Mitglied)
The Question of Secularism in Europe and the Middle East
Cilja Harders
(Freie Universität Berlin; EUME Mitglied)

28 Okt | Archeology, Philology, Mission
Yasmeen Hanoosh
(Portland State University; EUME-Fellow 2009/10)
The Politics of Appellation and the Emergence of a Minority: The Case of “Who are the Chaldeans?”
Georges Khalil (EUME) 

11 Nov | The Promise of Reconciliation
Bashir Bashir
(Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem; EUME-Fellow 2009/10)
The Tyranny of Statehood in Palestine / Israel
Yehuda Elkana
(Fellow des Wissenschaftskollegs zu Berlin 2009/10)

25 Nov | Re-Covering Palestine
Abdul-Rahim Al-Shaikh
(Birzeit University, Ramallah)
Issues of Identity and Citizenship in the Palestinian Textbooks
Nadya Sbaiti
(Smith College; EUME-Fellow 2009/10)

30 Nov | The End of Empire and the Inversion of Politics
Salim Tamari
(Institute of Jerusalem Studies and Birzeit University, Ramallah)
From Suez to Gallipoli: Arab-Ottoman Soldier's Diaries and the Experience of World War I
Munir Fakher Eldin
(Majdal Shams; EUME-Fellow 2009/10)

2 Dez | Histories and Citizenship
Nadya Sbaiti
(Smith College; EUME-Fellow 2009/10)
Writing Lebanese History in Beirut's Schools during the French Mandate
Gudrun Krämer
(Freie Universität Berlin; EUME Mitglied) 

16 Dez | Secular Landscapes
Kirsten Scheid
(American University in Beirut; EUME-Fellow 2009/10)
Aesthetics and Citizenship in the Paintings of the Arab Renaissance
David Freedberg
(Columbia University; Fellow des Wissenschaftskollegs zu Berlin 2009/10) 

6 Jan | Orphans into Citizens
Nazan Maksudyan
(Istanbul Technical University; EUME-Fellow 2009/10)
Vocational Education, Development and Urban Planning in the Late Ottoman Empire
Ulrike Freitag
(Zentrum Moderner Orient; EUME Mitglied) 

20 Jan | Aesthetics and Politics
Haytham Bahoora
(University of Colorado; EUME-Fellow 2009/10)
Husayn Mardan and the Policing of Obscenity in 1950s Baghdad
Barbara Winckler
(Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung) 

3 Feb | Religious Secularism
Ghada Al-Madbouh
(University of Maryland; EUME-Fellow 2009/10)
Hamas' Discourse and Practice: Possibilities for a Subject of Politics beyond Liberalism
Dyala Hamzah
(Zentrum Moderner Orient)