Fr 25 Nov 2022 – Sa 26 Nov 2022

Territory Disrupt: On Resistance and Cultural Imperialism

with contributions by EUME Fellows Diana Abbani, Eylaf Bader Eddin and Sana Tannoury-Karam

SOMA Art Space Berlin

Complementing performances, artists will join researchers, scholars, and activists in three thematic discussions focused on the war in Ukraine in a wider context of Russian imperialism, artistic production in times of war, and how music and sound can resist cultural imperialism. Through combined performances and discussions, Territory Disrupt calls for a deeper understanding of modes of imperialism, and the urgency to resist its various forms, within the experimental music community.


Excerpts from the program:

25 November 2022

19:00 Panel "Cultural Imperialism: Music, Sound and Language as Tools of Resistance"
Speakers: Bint Mbareh, Khyam Allami, more speakers tba
Moderator: Diana Abbani (EUME Fellow)


26 November 2022

16:00 Panel "Music and Identity in Post-Soviet Countries – in the Context of the War on Ukraine"
Speakers: Dmytro Fedorenko, Hanna Perekhoda, Nino Ugrekhelidze
Moderator: Sana Tannoury-Karam (EUME Fellow)

17:30 Panel "Artistic Production and Creativity in Times of War"
Speakers: Kamilya Jubran, Poly Chain, Eylaf Bader Eddin (Forum Transregionale Studien / SYRASP / EUME Fellow)
Moderator: Mariana Berezovska


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