Do 11 Jan 2018

Fr 12 Jan 2018
Forum Transregionale Studien, Wallotstr. 14, 14193 Berlin
Explorative Workshop

Acoustic Histories/Historiographies in the Asia Pacific

convened by meLe Yamomo (Freie Universität Berlin)

Interview with meLe Yamomo at our Trafo Blog

The Workshop aimed to bring together scholars, historians, artists, and archivists working on sound history/iography in the Asia Pacific for an interdisciplinary theoretical conversation and practical knowledge-sharing. The two-day workshop combined panel discussions on current scholarship on Asia Pacific sound historiography, presentations on the works of archivists working on Asia Pacific historical sound materials, and excursions to the sound archives in Berlin. Within the framework of the Forum Transregionale Studien, this workshop intended to bring into conversation the interstices of currently nation-framed historiographies in order to reflect on transregional discourses on the topic. The workshop endeavored to generate conversations on the history of sound beyond its euphonic understandings in the region, as well as to explore the intersections of current scholarships from various disciplinary perspectives.