Thursday, 14 June 2018, 7.30 pm |
Werkstatt der Kulturen, Wissmannstr. 32, 12049 Berlin 

Love and Gender in Times of Displacement

In cooperation with Mayadin Al-Tahrir e.V. and the Werkstatt der Kulturen

Film: Eccomi...Ecoti
by Raed Rafei
Documentary, 2017, Lebanon, 68 min, Arabic/French/Italian/English with Engl. st.

With a lyrical, ambient soundscape set atop a dreamy, atmospheric visual style that oscillates between still photography and moving images, the film explores what it means to be gay in contemporary Beirut and the aches of psychic pain that blocks one from reaching a sense of “complete-ness” with one’s self. Does such in-completeness have to do, in particular, with being gay? Or is it related to a grander malaise endemic to the human condition?

Rasha Hilwi is a Palestinian writer, cultural journalist, cultural manager and DJ (DJ Hilwi) based in Berlin. Her texts are published in major Arabic newspapers, online media, and cultural platforms, among others in Al-Araby Al-Jaeed, Syria Untold, Fusha Magazine, Fann Magazine, Romman Magazine, and Mada Masr. Besides this, she writes a weekly column for the Arabic Deutsche Welle online website, such as opinion articles on women, gender and social issues. In 2007 she started her own blog Zaghroda. During her 2016 Cultural Journalism residency at Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart she wrote in Schloss-Post about the presence of Arabic cultures in Germany and Berlin. Since 2016 she DJs music and songs from the Middle East, North Africa, West and South Asia and Eastern Europe under the name DJ Hilwi.